ATV Front Wave Rotors (2set)
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Galfer uses only 420 or 410 stainless steel for all of our brake rotors  and it’s all about the memory! What do we mean by that? Metals have  memory which means that when you heat up a piece of metal and it expands,  good memory characteristics allow it to go back to its original shape  without much deformation from the original shape. It’s as simple  as this: It goes back to it’s original shape and specs faster.

 Admit it! You’re interested in Galfer Wave®s because they look cool!  We like the way they look as well but believe it or not, there is quite  a bit of thought that went into our patented technology. On a normal round  rotor, the leading edge (think toe-in) of the brake pad is in contact  with the entire height of the blade as the pressure is applied. Because  the contact covers the entire height of the blade heat buildup takes much  less time to occur and you end up with heat related problems like brake  fade, thermal lockup, and inconsistent braking performance. What the Wave®  pattern does is take that leading edge of contact between the blade and  pad and constantly move it up and down, thus minimizing heat build up  and its inherent problems. Cool air is also introduced in greater amounts.  In addition, through centrifugal force, any foreign matter is thrown clear  of the outer rim of the blade and doesn't’t get lodged in the pad  material.


  • Item #: RIS-ATV-FWR
  • Manufacturer: GALFER
  • Condition: New

ATV Front Wave Rotors (2set)

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